Our Story

When I first started nursing school I watched over a dozen videos of how to tie your hijab to make it stethoscope accessible but none of them made sense to me. I didn’t want to move my hijab around to put my stethoscope in place or tuck it under my hijab. By the end of my shift, I knew I would have a headache and my hijab would have been a mess. 

When I used a medical mask, I would tie the loops behind my neck but the loops were too tight and the only way to remove the mask was by ripping it off. At the start of Covid when masks were required within the hospital I knew I needed a better solution. 

I stayed up all night, tossing and turning, and at four in the morning during my drive into work, I had my solution. After work that night, I took two of the matching buttons I had in my misfit extra button box and sewed them onto either side my hijab. The next day at work my day went by seamlessly and I realized how much relief I felt from not having to worry about this. I was so thankful to have found a way to work without compromising my hijab or the integrity of my mask. I got so much positive feedback from other hijab wearing women in the healthcare field and I realized I was not alone in my struggle. With my new hijab innovation, I could do my job without frustration, discomfort or limitations.  That was when I knew I wanted to design the perfect medical hijab and share it with the others. 

Thank you for all of your support!

-Mariam, RN BSN CEO and Founder

Our Hijabs are 100% made in The USA. 10% of our profits are donated to Zaman International, a non-profit organization in Southeast Michigan. Zaman International is committed to facilitating change and advancing the lives of marginalized women and children, by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind.

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